Smart Applications Solutions Private Limited


Sioniq Tech is a forward thinking, future-driven company that specializes in building solutions around innovative products. Our command over information management tools has led us to serve specialized sectors in ERP such as Education Management, HR Payroll Management and Jewellery Management. Operating in such a niche segment gives us the leverage to understand customer needs, and to understand what they are trying to achieve and how our expertise can fit into your broader strategic context.

It focuses on providing products that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound to its clients. By providing a range of solutions to its customers, Smart works cohesively to understand their business, and to design and implement technology driven business solutions that add value to them. It is managed by a team of highly experienced professionals in various fields with multinational organizations. It's all a story of young professionals who ventured out to carve a success story out of their innovative work in ERPs.

The strength of our team, a mix of management and technical experts, lies in its vast experience in providing education and training solutions to big market players. Based out of India, we offer world-class leading-edge products, services and consulting.


To be the most preferred Technology Solutions and Consulting Services provider to our esteemed client partners and to provide our client partners with innovative, smart, measurable, achievable, realistic and tangible technology solutions and business-centric consulting services that reduce their operational cost, maximize their productivity ratios, and unleash their hidden potential objectives.


We call our culture "client-centric" because we perform keeping client in mind and exceed their expectations by delivering true value for their money. We work closely with client to help them realize their full potential by doing things better and trying out new ways of doing them. The Company's leading-edge technology practice is powered by a strong team of professionals who, apart from bringing passion into play every day, are adept at leveraging their technical expertise and deep domain experience.

We bank on our cutting-edge innovation in information management, training and technology to deliver industry-specific products, services, and integrated solutions that invariably reduce costs, improve deployment and positively influence…

  • Service Delivery
  • Gap & Contingency Identification
  • Growth Curves
  • Process Automation
  • Organizational Integration
  • Resource Optimization
  • Knowledge Enhancement
  • Scheduling & Forecasting
  • Efficiency Building
  • Decision Making Systems
  • Application Clarity
  • Productivity
  • Expertise Development


The management and technology leadership team which encompasses modern-day business thinkers including Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Leads and Senior Developers , who with their rich experience ensure superiority in solutions delivery, As a cohesive unit, they complement each other's skill sets and achievements to strategically weave a success story of passion, commitment and value-addition.

Great companies are distinguished from good companies by their readiness to go the extra mile every time. For Smart, it's all in a day's work to formulate tailor-made process for every client that builds the foundation for a satisfying collaboration. We have come a long way in the professional education, HR and jewellery domain largely due to our personalized approach, practical innovations and competitiveness.

The Smart Difference-
  • Cognitive and outcome-based training life cycle development.
  • Ensures continual improvement as key to corporate success.
  • Integrates with corporate objectives and goals.
  • Guarantees quick ROI within two years of implementation.
  • Managing scale and complexity.


With a philosophy that is driven by innovation and excellence, Smart was envisioned to make an underlining difference to companies operating with a larger perspective of making a global impact. With technology evolving at an hourly pace, and advancements in gaining a sophisticated edge, impactful ERPs and management systems are gaining importance. The major challenges faced by clients are:

  • Economic and technological change.
  • Workforce availability and quality concerns.
  • Security and Customer service.


Smart fully identifies with the changing environment and risky corners. The company's rich experience of working with clients across the world has led to a greater grasp in system management internals as well as building on key industry accepted solution frameworks. Smart offers companies a wide array of strategic choices through its processes, frameworks, templates, best practices, design patterns and utilities specific to system management solution implementation. This enables Smart to provide clients with a scalable and repeatable development process, resulting in faster time to market business solutions because the difference between the extra-ordinary companies and ordinary ones is speed – to communicate faster and take decisions that make a difference.

Smart is a very focused and niche player in Educational Management, HR Payroll Management and Jewellery Management space with a proven track record of excellence. The company is today regarded as a premium One-Stop-Shop for end-to-end educational, HR Payroll and Jewellery Management technology solutions.